Keisha&co. is a small business based in Wodonga, Victoria. Launched in April 2017, we are dedicated to creating all natural, all Australian, cruelty-free skincare with ingredients you know and understand. 

Our products are all tested on ourselves - not bunnies or mice! We spend months crafting our products, then we test on ourselves, and then finally we use our lovely testers (AKA friends and family!) to make sure they are suitable for all skin types. 

We are passionate advocates for the elimination of animal suffering, and that's why we donate part of our profits to Surin Dog Project. More information about what the project does and how to donate directly can be found here.

All of our packaging is Australian-made. You can recycle your Skin Saviour bottles and Clay Cleansing Balm jars by sending them back to us for a refill - more on our recycling program can be found here

Not only do we sell online, we also have some lovely stockists - check them out here.

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