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...To the first ever Keisha&co. blog post!

Let me introduce myself: I'm BJ, founder of Keisha&co. 

I started this business back in April 2017 after a long battle with eczema and dry, irritated skin. It didn't matter what I did or the products I used, my skin would hate it. I tried everything I could - even the well-known brands and "gentle" products would bring my skin up in welts or irritate my dry forehead so badly that it would look like I had been sunburnt. I couldn't even wear hats or beanies, my skin was so sensitive it would come up in an itchy rash.

I saw professionals, I tried just not using anything at all. Nothing worked for years - all throughout high school and all of my early 20's. 

Then, one day, I decided to try an oil on my face instead of a moisturiser. I couldn't believe how soothing it was on my skin! There was no sting, no redness. I looked at the ingredients and noticed that they were all natural oils and that I understood what every single ingredient was, and I thought... Maybe this is the key.

I started experimenting with essential oils and carrier oils, and the longer I used these natural products, the "stronger" my skin became. It never flared up!

Essential oils

Naturally (no pun intended), I wanted to share this epiphany with my friends and family, so I started giving out samples to people. One of my friends suggested I start selling it, and the rest is history!

I can't take credit for the whole thing - I have had so much help along the way. From one of my friends talking me through the magic of essential oils (and giving me the base knowledge to read the label and know what those ingredients were) to my friend who is an amazing graphic designer and brought my dream logo and labels to fruition, my friends and family have been the inspiration and support network that has kept me going through good times and bad this past (almost) year. 

Any questions or comments? We would love to hear from you!